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Pricing and Tagging

After you have registered as a consignor, it is time to get started! Your first step is to gather and organize your items. The more organized you are, the quicker pricing and tagging will be! As best you can, organize your clothing items by gender and size. You are off to a great start.


Our consignors set their own prices. We suggest 25-30% of the retail price. However, double strollers, outdoor play equipment, new items with tags still on, or “like new” designer brands sometimes sell for closer to 40-50% of the original price.

Keep in mind our shoppers are looking for bargains, so price to sell. Sellers who price reasonably and allow items to be discounted on half-price day generally sell a high percentage of their items.

For now, there is no limit on how many total items you can bring to the sale as long as they all meet our quality standards. If you reach the online limit of items, please email us and we will increase the number you can bring.


Here We Grow Again uses a point of sale system that allows you to enter your items on the computer, manually or verbally. Each item’s tag will print out with a barcode–an efficient way to keep track of your items and also allow you the ability to check your sales online each evening!

First create an account by registering as a consignor. You will be asked for your name, address and email, then you will choose a password and be assigned a Consignor ID number (write these down!).

Now it’s time to enter those items into the computer! Keep in mind that sorting your items by gender and size before you sit down to enter them online will save you time. The system remembers all previous information entered except price, so by having them sorted you can take advantage of the pre-filled fields and re-enter only price and description fields…thus making your tag time even more efficient!

Entering Items Manually:

  • Category – Choose the correct category for your item.
  • Size – Choose the size from the drop-down menu.
  • Brand – Enter the item’s brand name.  
  • Description – Enter a specific description of your item.  It is important for matching if the tag and item become separated!
  • Price – Select the price you would like.
  • Discount – Toggle the box if you would like your item to be sold at a discount on the last day(s).
  • Donate – Toggle the box if you would like to donate this item if it does not sell. Items marked “donate” will automatically sell at a discount before being donated.
  • Click on “Add” and the system adds your item to the bottom of the screen and automatically saves it.


Entering Items Using Voice:

  • Follow the guidelines in the system.  Super easy!

Once your tags are printed it is time to attach them to your items! Here We Grow Again offers our consignors the option to use either a tagging gun or safety pins to secure your tags on items. Tagging guns are a faster and easier way to tag your items. Don’t have a tagging gun and want to try it? Check out our “Grow With Us” Consignor Starter Kit.

When attaching tags to items make sure the description matches the item.

Do not tape over the barcode! Our scanning cannot read through tape.

Once you have entered and priced your items, it’s time to print your tags!

  • Make sure your tags are printed on white cardstock paper. Regular copy paper will not hold up against our crowd of shoppers!
  • When printed and cut, your tags should be approximately 2 1/2 inches wide x 4 inches high.
  • Your printer must use normal toner (no dot matrix printers)
  • Adjust your printing format to Landscape/Horizontal as tags will print that direction.
  • Use Normal or Draft print setting. Best quality is too dark and causes barcodes to bleed. Test print one page of tags to make sure the barcodes are crisp and clear. You should be able to see white lines between the barcode. If lines bleed together, then reprint using a lower quality print.
  • If you have a color printer, make sure you select “Black cartridge only” from the printing properties screen. Otherwise the tags can appear purple and blurry.
  • Select the items you want to print. Just click in the box next to the item or click on the “Check All” box. You may choose to conserve paper and print in increments of 8 as we have 8 tags to a page.
  • When you are ready to print, just go to the Print Tags tab and follow the instructions.

Remember, use cardstock paper and print tags with barcodes that are clean and crisp. If our scanners cannot read your barcode and an item has to be manually entered, there is a greater chance the item will not get rung up properly.



Thanks for consigning with us again! Transferring items from a previous sale is easy. Visit our Transfer Option page for more information on transferring your items without having to reprint your price tags!


Once your tags are printed it is time to attach them to your items! Here We Grow Again offers our consignors the option to use either a tagging gun or safety pins to secure your tags on items. Tagging guns are a faster and easier way to tag your items. Don’t have a tagging gun and want to try it? Check with your local sale owner to see about purchasing a tagging gun and other supplies!

When attaching tags to items make sure the description matches the item.

Do not tape over the barcode! Our scanning cannot read through tape.

  • Sleepers sell best when two or three are safety pinned together on one hanger.
  • All clothing must be on wire hangers. Check with your local dry cleaner as many provide them for free. (We also have wire hangers available for purchase.  (Email us if you would like some!). Hanging your clothing items before entering/pricing them also helps speed up the process.
  • Pants should be hung from the top bar of the hanger. Use safety pins as close together as possible so pants do not slide down to the bottom of the hanger.
  • Safety pin all items of a set together so that they can be viewed without unpinning them.
  • When attaching tags (if using safety pins or a tagging gun), attach tags to the seam under the left arm (right as you look at garment). You don’t want to put a hole in your garment.
  • The hanger hook should face the left (like a question mark)
  • Toys must be clean and in working order with batteries in them. We must be able to turn them on.
    • Make sure all loose pieces are in a ziplock bag and taped to the toy. Bags should be sealed shut with tape. Tape the entire opening shut to prevent little hands from opening them.
  • Check games and puzzles to make sure all pieces are included.
  • Puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear wrap with the tag taped to the outside with clear packing tape, to keep the pieces intact.
  • Feel free to attach information on the function and highlights of toys and equipment. Some consignors print the toy and equipment descriptions from the internet to attach.
  • When attaching the tag to books, tape (with masking or painters tape) only the top part of the tag.  It prevents the tape from tearing the book and it is easier to remove when it is sold.
    • Sets of books can be placed in a ziploc bag or tied together with a ribbon. Parenting/pregnancy books and other guides must be current.
  • Please only bring your like-new shoes.
  • Tie the shoes together and attach tag with another tie or string.
  • If the shoes have no place to tie, then use ribbon to tie the shoes together with the tag tied with them. 
  • Shoes should NOT be in zip lock bags.
  • If possible,  package bedding sets together in a clear plastic bag.
  • When pricing bedding as a set, please print multiple tags for each item stating item 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc. Only one tag should have the price. The other tags should read $0.
  • Feel free to attach a sheet describing all the pieces included in the set.
  • No Queen or King size bedding and ALL bedding should be kid-themed regardless of size.
  • For smaller items like baby bottles, rattles, socks, bibs, bows, etc, please group them together appropriately in ziploc bags with tag taped to the outside. Tape these bags shut to keep little hands out of them!
  • Make sure all items are in good condition.
  • Small fabric items like bibs, burp cloths and receiving blankets can be safety pinned together and priced as a set. Receiving blankets and towels can be hung.
  • Check your car seat expiration date before bringing it to the sale (usually found on the bottom of the car seat).
  • We accept only car seats which are five years or newer.
  • It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident.
  • All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned.
  • You will need to bring or fill out a Car Seat Waiver when you drop off your items.
  • Furniture sells well! Don’t forget those beds, kids’ dressers, high chairs, changing tables, swings, kitchen sets, kid tables and chair sets and Little Tikes equipment. Make sure to secure the tag to an easy-to-read location.
  • Crib Guidelines:  Due to the current laws regarding the resale of cribs, the cribs must be manufactured no earlier than June 28, 2011, or have the manufacturer’s sticker stating that the crib was meeting the new standards prior to the required start date. Retro-fitted cribs that had previously been on recall will not be accepted.
  • Important: Place masking tape with your consignor number, the item number and price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item and on items that contain more than one piece. This will eliminate confusion if a tag is accidentally removed or pieces get separated.



Visit our Recalled Product Search page to check items for recalls.


The graphic above may be outdated in terms of the brands but the idea of pricing is the same. 

Just figure out in which level the brand belongs and price accordingly!

Level 1- Discount Department Stores: WalMart, Target, etc.
Level 2- Department Stores: Kohl’s, Amazon, H&M, Nordstrum, etc.
Level 3- Chain Stores: Nike, Carter’s, Old Navy. Gap, 
Level 4- Upscale & Boutique: Janie & Jack, MiniBoden, Vineyard Vines, Hanna Andersson

ItemLevel 1Level  2Level 3Level 4
Dress Pants/Slacks3.00-6.004.00-7.004.00-8.005.00-10.00
Holiday Dresses3.00-6.005.00-9.006.00-10.006.00-15.00
Long Sleeve2.00-3.002.00-4.002.00-5.003.00-6.00
Short Sleeve/Sleeveless2.00-3.002.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-6.00
Basic T-shirt w/or w/o logo2.00-3.002.00-4.003.00-5.003.00-6.00
Dress Shirt2.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-6.005.00-7.00
2 pc matching top & bottom3.00-4.004.00-6.006.00-10.007.00-15.00
3 pc matching outfit3.00-5.005.00-6.006.00-12.007.00-15.00
4 pc matching outfit4.00-5.005.00-7.007.00-15.008.00-20.00
Outer Wear    
Winter coat/jacket3.00-7.004.00-7.004.00-15.008.00-20+
Snow pants3.00-5.003.00-5.004.00-10.005.00-15+
Denim Jackets3.00-5.003.00-5.004.00-7.005.00-9.00
Polar Fleece3.00-5.004.00-6.004.00-7.005.00-9.00
Vests-Lined or quilted3.00-5.003.00-5.004.00-7.005.00-9.00
Athletic/Track suits4.00-6.004.00-6.005.00-10.005.00-12.00
Spring Coat/Light Weight2.00-5.003.00-6.004.00-8.005.00-10.00
Footed/Non Footed Sleeper2.00-3.003.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-6.00
2 or 3 pc PJ sets2.00-3.003.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-7.00
Night Gown2.00-3.003.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-6.00
Swim trunks2.00-3.003.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-6.00
Tennis shoes2.00-3.002.00-4.002.00-5.003.00-8.00
Dress shoes2.00-3.002.00-4.003.00-8.003.00-10+
Water shoes2.00-3.002.00-4.003.00-5.004.00-7.00
Soccer cleats3.00-5.004.00-7.005.00-8.00
  • 6.00-10+
ItemGeneric BrandBrand Name
Diaper Genie 4.00-7.00
Diaper Genie Refill-unopened 3.00-4.00
Diaper Champ 6.00-9.00
Diaper Wipe Warmer5.00-10.00 
Contour Changing Pad4.00-6.005.00-8.00
Changing Pad Cover2.00-3.003.00-4.00
Potty Chair2.00-5.003.00-6.00
Potty Seat2.00-4.004.00-6.00
Step Stools2.00-5.004.00-7.00
Single Breast Pump10.00-20.00 
Double Breast Pump25.00-50.0075.00-150.00
Nursing Pillow/Boppy4.00-5.005.00-10.00
Nursing Stool5.00-15.00 
Infant Equipment  
Baby Swing15.00-25.0025.00-50.00
Bouncy Seat5.00-10.0010.00-30.00
High Chair10.00-20.0025.00-75.00
Pack N’ Play/Port-A-Crib20.00-30.0025.00-45.00
Infant Car seat w/base15.00-25.0025.00-55.00
Car Seat Base Only5.00-10.0010.00-15.00
Umbrella Stroller5.00-10.0010.00-15.00
Single Child Stroller15.00-25.0025.00-50.00
Double Stroller25.00-50.0040.00-85.00
Travel System40.00-60.0075.00-125.00
Baby Bjorn/Snugli/Sling10.00-25.0025.00-50.00
Infant/Baby Furniture  
Changing Table20.00-65.0065.00-100.00
Glider w/ ottoman30.00-75.0075.00-150.00
Book Shelf-3 shelves10.00-20.0025.00-50.00
Book Shelf-4+ shelves20.00-40.0040.00-60.00
Wall Hanging Shelf5.00-15.0010.00-20.00