Important Dates

*Tentative* April 8th - April 12th

Spring/Summer Sale! Click calendar icon for details. Now accepting consignors.

Nov 21, 2017

Registration is open! Start tagging anytime and earn 70%!

Dec 31st, 2017

Express Tagging Service is open now – 3/11/18. We can tag it for you! Earn 40% with no effort! Limited slots available for this service.  After March 11th inquiries will go on a waiting list.

Supply Pick Ups for Consignors

Need consigning supplies? Email to arrange a time to meet up or check the Consignor supplies page for official pick up days, once set.

Scroll to the bottom for “New this season” Updates!

Sale Location

TBA – Northland Kansas City, MO 64119


Shop in a clean and organized environment filled with thousands of great bargains—all under one roof! We pride ourselves on offering great items for your kids at fantastic prices!

More About Shopping


Selling your items with Here We Grow Again is a fun and easy way to recycle your children’s clothing, toys and equipment and MAKE MONEY!

More About Consigning


It takes many people to make a Here We Grow Again sale run smoothly, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteers. Our volunteers have fun setting up, helping customers and keeping things tidy during the sale. Best of all they get to shop before the public and receive sale credit towards their purchase!

More About Volunteering

If you have a family or child-related product, service or business, being a part of the Here We Grow Again sale can help bring more customers to you! Find out more about Growing Your Business with us!


New this Sale

  • No infant tubs — There are some new regulations on tubs, which just started in Oct 2017 and affect those made prior to that as well. In an effort to avoid confusion, we won’t take infant tubs for the time being.
  • No Build-A-Bear plush. We will still take accessories, but not finished stuffed animals.
  • PrePay consignor fee — (This started last season.) Instead of taking the $12 consignor fee out of your check, we are having you prepay through PayPal this season. It is non-refundable. The referral and volunteer perks that can get your fee waived are still offered, but we are asking you to prepay and the perk will be applied later (added back into the check). The Paypal link also lets you use a card if you don’t have an account. Still have questions? It’s ok – there are other ways to pay.  Feel free to email if you have problems.
  • TEXT Alerts — Ok, not new but the BEST way to stay connected! Sign up for our text alerts! (816) 298-0675 —
    text “Money” for sellers/volunteers, “Bargains” for shopping only.
  • Spring/Summer clothing only
    • Don’t forget to bring:
    • Swimwear
    • Outdoor toys, ride-ons, and pool toys
    • Still accepted:
    • crossover items like jackets, capris, galoshes
    • lightweight cardigans meant to go with spring dresses
    • Accepted, but sell better in the Fall:
    • lightweight long sleeves as long as not a fall or winter theme
    • long sleeve dress shirts and slacks
    • jeans and leggings
    • Not Acceptable:
    • Winter wear: heavy coats and boots, sweaters, fleece, corduroy, etc
    • Fall or Winter themed items (including Halloween costumes, although dress up play are allowed)
    • Infant car seat covers (heavy, for cold weather)
    • Easter clothes – we are after Easter and they won’t sell.
    • Stuffed animals: Only 3 per seller. MUST be licensed characters in like-new condition. No cheap ones like carnival prizes.
    • Only bring your 10 best items in these categories (One “item” = 1 tag. If you make an outfit or bundle pieces for one price, it counts as one item.)
      • Maternity
      • Junior (name brands only – no cheap brands like Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc)
      • Young Men