What We Hear

We appreciate all the feedback we get from our shoppers, consignors and volunteers. Take a look at just some of the comments we have received!

Thanks for a great opportunity to recycle our things. I was very impressed with your entire production. The website is great and very informative, the tagging system works great, and the layout was extremely organized. Great job. I look forward to doing this again.


I just wanted to say thanks. I was at the sale on Saturday and got some amazing things for my kids. It was well worth braving the weather! I am looking forward to shopping at your future sales.


Thank you for all the work you put into the sale. I was really impressed with how well organized the sale was. Since this was my first experience with your sale as a consignor and shopper I was not sure what to expect but I was definitely impressed. As a stay at home mom with six kids it is great to have an opportunity to make some extra money on something that I definitely have a lot of – outgrown clothes! I appreciated a tagging system that was easy to figure out and use. Thanks also for the daily updates that allowed us to track our sales. It was fun to see that things were being sold.


Hi! I was very impressed with your sale at the Holiday Inn and am wondering when your Fall sale is and where it will be held. I would like to join as a seller.


Your sale really was impressive and you seemed very organized. I will look forward to participating again in the future. My sister wants to go through your company next time she needs to clean out her kids closets too. Good news spreads fast.


Thank you so much for all you done. I was so impressed by your sale. Thanks for all the hard work and many hours you have dedicated to make it a success. Your business is an awesome idea!


Hello there. I want to say how much fun I had working the sale. It was sooooo much fun.


Thanks for the great opportunity that you provided to my family. My girls were totally surprised when I brought home our unsold items on Saturday. They could not believe how much stuff we had sold and neither could I, granted we spent $150 at the sale, we still came out way ahead. We will definitely be participating in the fall sale!
I think it is a great business and a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.


Just want you both to know that your SALE is really Great!! You all are so organized, you make it so easy on the consignor!!! Thank You. I am already looking forward to the Fall sale.


Thanks Beth and Trish for EVERYTHING you did to sell my clothes!!!!! You both did an amazing job.


My mom and I went and found some great deals. My mom picked up an exersaucer, a pack’n’play with bassinet, and a bouncy seat for her house all for $40! We were so pleased! We were also super-impressed with how organized everything was! We already can’t wait until the next sale! Thanks again!


Thanks so much! You girls did an awesome job. I can’t believe how organized and how smooth you made everything run.


I just wanted to say WOW! I was so impressed with your business when I came last night (and my daughter LOVES her new puzzles, Dora van and clothes!)! You did an EXCELLENT job!


I wanted to share that I stopped at all the vendors outside the sale and they were great! I had fun hearing and seeing what they were selling and bought some items. That was a good idea to have them there.


Your sale is great and I will see you in the Fall

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