Volunteers needed at the Northland Sale

It takes many people to make a Here We Grow Again sale run smoothly, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteers. So, we are giving our volunteers first shot at all the bargains and “Grow Bucks” to spend at the sale!

Register here

  • Register as a volunteer (consignors can volunteer without separate registration). After you register, you select the volunteer shifts which are convenient for you! Just go to the volunteer tab at the top of the page, and select as many shifts as you like! Just make sure the start and end times don’t overlap.
  • Work just one three-hour shift any time before, during or after the sale and you will get to be the first to shop!
  • By working one three-hour shift you will earn early entry to our exclusive Volunteer-only Pre-sale Party and get to shop for half-price items before the public. See sale dates & times.
  • For every three-hour shift you work, you will receive $10 in “Here We Grow Bucks.” Your “Grow Bucks” can be applied to any purchase you make at the sale! There’s no limit to how many your can earn!
  • For every shift you work, your name will be entered for great giveaway prizes! The more you volunteer, the better your chances of winning! Prizes include: GYMBOREE PLAY package, Funky Monkey Corn Company Gift Certificate, Revolutions Arts summer camp prize, consignor fee waived, earn 5% more on sold items, gift certificates, and more!
  • Jobs vary each shift… you might be asked to organize racks, help with check out, sort, straighten toys… anything.
  • You don’t have to be a consignor to work a volunteer shift and shop the presale. Just select your shift and get shopping.
  • Extra perks at the Northland Sale!
    • Sort Shifts: take 25 leftover hangers per sort shift for next season!
    • Work at least 5 shifts 
      •  get in 1 hour early to presale (3pm)
      • your consignor fee is waived!
      • If one or more of the shifts is for sorting, earn 5% more on your sales!
      • You also earn a free, snazzy HWGA t-shirt.
    • NEW!  VIP Volunteers
      • get in 2 hours early to presale (2pm)
      • fee still waived, still get the shirt, AND
      • earn 10% more on your sales!

      How to become a VIP? You must work the following types of shifts:

      • 1 shift Set Up or Breakdown
      • 2 Check In shifts
      • 2 shifts (total) Presale and/or Opening day
      • 2 Sort shifts
      • 1 more shift to equal 8 shifts – your choice!
      • Note – I’ve decided all 8+ shift volunteers get in 2 hrs early to Presale, since some people aren’t consignors. But consignors wanting to earn 10% more must do those shifts.
  • We would be happy to put your spouse to work in your place! We especially need extra muscle to help on our set-up and tear-down shifts, so feel free to sign up your husband to work so you can enjoy all the volunteer benefits. Strong women are also encouraged to work these!
  • We are unable to provide childcare during your volunteer shift. As our sales are busy places, please do not bring your child with you while volunteering unless you have received prior approval.
  • If your pre-teen or teenager would like to help out at the sale, please email us. Helpers under the age of 16 do not receive “Grow Bucks” for volunteering but are able to come with mom or dad if prior approval is given. Service hours can be earned for their help!
  • Volunteer For A Cause! Say you have time to volunteer, but you don’t really need to shop for more stuff. You can donate the Grow Bucks you earned to the families in our Charity Partner’s program! Your Grow Bucks could help families that could not afford to shop the sale otherwise. When you register to volunteer, simply email us with the amount of your Grow Bucks that you would like to donate! Learn more about Hillcrest on our Charity partners tab.

We also have “trade shifts” available.

Consider one of the following options for early shopping privileges. Email us if you would like more information, or to sign up for a “trade shift” (these aren’t listed on the registry – you must make arrangements via email). These count as a three-hour work shift and include:

  • Deliver flyers to 12 area businesses, doctor’s offices, daycare centers, libraries, etc. Flyers will be provided. We have locations to deliver most, and you fill in with places you know that we might not have access to. Locations are 1st come, 1st serve. Please request the zip code or location which is convenient for you when you inquire about the shift(s). If it is still available it will be reserved for you.
  • Door Hangers: Walk you neighborhood and spread the word! Your safety is important to us. Only offer to do this for neighborhoods you are familiar with, and be safe! 1 shift = 125 homes (preferred; only 3-4 streets) or apartments.
  • Help us obtain radio, television or newspaper coverage.
  • Provide a meal for at least 6-8 volunteers during the sale. Each meal = $10 “Grow Bucks” OR  early shopping – you pick!

Not only will you enjoy a great shopping experience at our Pre-Sales – Volunteering is fun and easy!

To Volunteer:

First you will need to create an account. Then register as Volunteer Only (unless consigning) and select the shift(s) you would like to work. Remember to email for trade shift availability.

If you already have an account as a consignor, login using your consignor information and select “Volunteer” from the bar at the top of the page. Then select the shift(s) you would like to work.

If you can’t make a shift, please remember to “de-select” yourself from it as soon as you know you can’t come. This way other volunteers may take it, and we know we could be short-handed. If it is a very last minute change, please call Kerri @ (816) 804-6977. During the sale there is no time to check email updates. We understand that things come up unexpectedly, but if at all possible please try to find someone to cover your shift. Thank you so much for your help!

Note: You will only see the volunteer shifts that are still available. If you would like to volunteer for another time not listed, please email us.


If I’m signed up to work during Presale, how do I get to shop it?

  • If you worked enough shifts (8) to get in earliest and will be working a volunteer shift at that time, you can come in 30 min before your shift to put items aside to buy that night. If you didn’t work enough to get in first, you can still hold back smaller items prior to your shift, like clothing. You can’t hold back big-ticket items from volunteers who worked more, but you will be given the opportunity to go grab them when your entry time begins. I want to make sure anyone helping me, especially during high-need times like Presale, are rewarded for it!

What if my scheduled shift isn’t until after the sale? I want to help sort, but don’t want to wait for Grow Bucks.

  • We work on the honor system here! You can spend your sorting shift Grow Bucks at Presale, or whenever you first come in to shop! Sorting shifts are my hardest ones to fill because of this confusion, so please don’t let concerns about your Bucks stop you from working a shift! If you miss any shifts that you’ve spent the Grow Bucks on before working, you will be asked to make up the shift or it will be taken out of your check (consignors) or sent a bill (non-consignors).

How do Grow Bucks Work?

  •  We track the shifts you have signed up for, including trade shifts, and shifts for set-up, during and after the sale. Whenever you first come in to shop the first time, just tell us that you are a volunteer and we’ll give you all your Grow Bucks – even for future shifts. We work on the honor system.
  • Grow bucks can’t be split – use it or lose it! :) If you haven’t found enough items to use up the Grow Buck, we are happy to put your items aside while you take another look.
  • Grow Bucks are only good for the sale and season where you worked. If you are unable to shop this season and need to save them for a future sale, arrangements must be made with us in advance.
  •  Please make every effort to show up for your shift, send someone in your place, or make the shift up at another time. If you spend your Grow Bucks prior to volunteering but fail to show up for your shifts, the amount spent but not worked will be deducted from your check (if consigning) or sent a bill (if not a consignor).

Thanks for your help in making Here We Grow Again a great sale! We couldn’t do it without you!