Volunteers are the heart of our business. We appreciate you! It takes many people to make a Here We Grow Again sale run smoothly and we couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteers.

Volunteer Benefits

We need extra help during Move-in Set-Up, PreSale, Opening Day, Sort, and Tear Down. Please consider selecting a shift marked high-priority.

We would be happy to put your spouse to work in your place! Feel free to send your husband to get the volunteer benefits.

Shop before the public! Volunteers are invited to attend the Pre-Sale and get to shop early. See Sale Dates & Times page.

For every three-hour shift you work, you receive $10 in “Here We Grow Again Bucks.” These “Bucks” can be applied to any purchase you make at the sale!

We are unable to provide childcare during volunteer shifts. Please do not bring your child while volunteering unless you have received prior approval.

Need community service hours? See Fundraising/Service Projects for more information!


Dollar Dash!!!  Following the Northland sale there will be a charity dollar dash (see dates and times page).  Any remaining item under $20 (full price) that is marked to be donated will be only ONE DOLLAR!! Anything $20 or up will only be $5! All proceeds go to our selected charity as a monetary donation!

  • How to qualify for the Dollar Dash–Work 2 sort/breakdown shifts. (If you are a 5+ shift worker, only one shift must be sort/breakdown).

Special shifts have special perks:

  • Tear down/Move out Sunday, April 14th. Check for shifts online that will earn $20 cash instead of Grow Bucks, paid when you help.
  • Move-in and Set-up Sun, April 3rd. Check online for shifts that earn 1 hr earlier entry to PreSale even if you don’t do 5 shifts.
  • Prefer the $10 refunded off your seller fee instead of Grow Bucks? Sellers can email if they would rather have their seller fee reduced than Grow Bucks for these shifts only: Move-in, Set Up, 50% presale, Sort, Tear Down.
  • Sort and tear down shifts: You can take 25 unmarked leftover hangers.

Volunteers who works 5 or more shifts:

  • Shop PreSale 1 hour earlier! (4pm)
  • Consignor fee is waived if you work Opening Day, Sort, or breakdown – still get Grow Bucks.
  • Dollar Dash when you work at least 1 sort/breakdown

VIP Volunteers who works 8 or more shifts:

  • Shop PreSale 2 hours earlier! (3pm)
  • Dollar Dash no matter what shifts
  • Consignor fee is waived, no matter what shifts
  • Free T-shirt, while supplies last
  • Earn the chance to be a lead volunteer the following season, with bonus perks.

Volunteer Opportunities

Set Up/Tear Down

It takes many people to set up a sale. From putting signs on the walls to setting up the racks, we need volunteers. And, we would be happy to put your spouse to work in your place! We need extra muscle during set up and tear down so feel free to register yourself or your husband to receive the volunteer benefits.

Trade Shifts

We know not everyone can work at the sale, so Trade Shifts count as a three-hour volunteer shift (email us if you are interested!). Some of our Trade Shifts include:

  • Bring a meal for 6-8 volunteers (good for a PreSale Pass or one Grow Buck – volunteer picks).
  • Yard Sign in your yard. Some cities don’t allow them in your yard (like Gladstone), so please let me know where you are.
  • PreSale Pass only: Car Magnet on car.
  • PreSale Pass only: Bring snacks or sale supplies like trash bags. These shifts will be listed on the online volunteer schedule.
  • Help us obtain radio, television or newspaper coverage.

Sales Shifts

Anyone can volunteer! Just sign up to volunteer and select a 3-hour shift that fits into your schedule. Jobs vary each shift and include such tasks as organizing racks, helping with check out, assisting shoppers and straightening toys. Make sure to bring your smile too as we make volunteering fun.

Not only will you enjoy a great shopping experience at our Pre-Sales—Volunteering is fun and easy!


To Volunteer:

First you will need to create an account.
Then register as Volunteer Only and select the shift(s) you would like to work.

If you already have an account as a consignor, login using your consignor information and select “Volunteer” from the bar at the top of the page. Then select the shift(s) you would like to work.

Note: You will only see the volunteer shifts that are still available. If you would like to volunteer for another time not listed, please email us.

Thanks for your help in making Here We Grow Again a great sale! We couldn’t do it without you!