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I’m so excited about the next Here We Grow Again Kids Consignment Sale® in the Northland community! As the mom of two quickly growing boys, I’m not sure which grows faster – them or the piles of toys and outgrown clothes they’ve accumulated! I know how expensive clothes, toys and all things “kid” can be.  “Recycling” your items in the sale is a great way to earn extra money and clear out those closets. As a self-described pack-rat, consignment sales have been a great way for me to let go of those items and earn a few bucks! I’ve been selling and shopping at consignment sales since my teen was a baby and always dreamed of running my own. When the Northland Here We Grow Again came up for sale in the spring of 2011, my dream came true!

With tight budgets so common these days, it’s great to be able to help families stretch their dollar. I’m so happy to be able to provide a convenient location for Northland families to shop and consign. I hope you will come and experience the fun with us!

I welcome questions and comments – contact me if you need anything :

Kerri Gogan

(816) 804-6977