What to Sell

Here We Grow Again offers new and gently-used kids clothing, toys, shoes, baby equipment, furniture and more at bargain prices. At our sale you can sell just about everything related to kids! Some of the items to sell include:

Children and Teen Clothing

(Preemie up to teen)
  • Clothing, pajamas, slippers, etc. (Spring/Summer styles only for Spring sale and Fall/Winter styles for Fall sale.)
  • Easter outfits and Swimsuits for Spring/Summer sale and Halloween costumes, Coats and Outerwear for Fall/Winter sale.
  • Accessories—hats, belts, ties, hair bows, socks & underwear (only your best! NO stains)
  • Dance, gymnastics and cheerleading attire and accessories
  • Scouting and other uniform
  • Dress-Up play outfits
  • Sports Apparel
  • Teen: Must be recent styles (no more than 3 years). Only Junior trendy brands and sizes.  Young men’s should only be popular youth brands. We don’t accept teen size shoes or adult clothing. *Items means amount of tags, so if you bundle 2 or more pieces you can sell more.
  • We do not take souvenir t-shirts (vacations, camps, school, etc).

Shoes and Boots

  • Only new and like-new shoes and boots will be accepted.
  • Shoe sizes up to 6 big boys and size 5 big girls.
  • Spring only: sandals, water shoes, crocs, etc.
  • Fall only: winter boots, hiking boots, slippers, fleece lined boots or shoes.
  • No: rips, smells, stains, dirty, worn toes, loose soles. Only your best.

Toys, Games, Book and Electronics

  • Children’s books- no teeth marks, rips, scribbles
  • Puzzles and board games—must have all pieces
  • DVDs and Blue Ray—must be originals (no copies). NO RATED “R” MOVIES. No VHS
  • Game systems and games, computer games—must be originals (no copies). NO RATED “M” GAMES
  • Electronic toys
  • Children’s music CDs
  • Large toys: Kitchens, doll houses, tool benches, train sets, etc
  • Riding toys, bikes, scooters, wagons, slides, tunnels, etc
  • Outdoor and indoor play gyms and toys of all kinds.
  • Shape sorters, push and pull toys, stacking blocks, rattles, crib toys and musical toys, balls, etc.
  • Building sets, action figures, dolls, pretend play, educational and creative toys and sets, etc
  • Stuffed Animals (limited – please read rules) 1. Maximum of 3 per seller. 2. Must be VERY CLEAN and in LIKE NEW condition.  3. ONLY licensed characters. 4. No low quality (think carnival prizes and similar). 5. If it has a stain, pet hair, small hole in stitching, matted fur, smelly, or in any other way not close to perfect, it WILL be rejected. We will be extremely picky. 6. Build-a-Bear: we only accept accessories, not the stuffed animals.
  • Infant plush toys or interactive (make noise/move…) have always been ok and aren’t included in the 3 item stuffed animal cap.
  • We DO NOT accept Happy Meal/carnival/novelty toys.  Thanks

Baby Equipment and Accessories

  • High chairs, Mamaroos, pack ‘n plays, strollers, swings, stationary entertainers like exersaucers and jumperoos, etc
  • Bouncy seats/rockers, Bumbos (with straps), gates and safety, boosters, infant carriers/slings, activity mats, diaper pails, wipe warmers, etc
  • Bibs, bottles (no used nipples), sterilizers, and other infant/toddler feeding items.
  • Burp cloths, cloth diapers, lap pads, etc. (when possible, not packaged in bags! shoppers like to SEE the items)
  • Crib sheets, receiving blankets, baby blankets
  • Car seats (please check the expiration date on the car seat before bringing to the sale–only car seats with at least 1 year before expiration at time of event will be accepted).
  • No infant tubs at this time.

Infant and Children’s Furniture, Room Decor and Bedding

  • Cribs –Due to the current laws regarding the resale of cribs, the cribs must be manufactured no earlier than June 28, 2011, or have the manufacturer’s sticker stating that the crib was meeting the new standards prior to the required start date. Retro-fitted cribs that had previously been on recall will not be accepted.
  • Toddler beds, cradles, bassinets (must meet current safety standards)
  • Dressers, changing tables, bookcases, desks, toy storage, rockers, gliders and ottomans
  • Nursery items and kids décor such as pictures, lamps, frames, rugs, mobiles, wall hangings and towels These items MUST be kid-related.
  • Bedding and bedroom accessories. Comforters, curtains, sheets, pillows, etc. No King or Queen sizes
  • Kids table and chairs, easels, etc.

Mommy Gear

  • Nursing aids, nursing pillows (Boppies) and covers
  • Baby monitors (must have working batteries)
  • Prenatal
  • Diaper bags
  • Pregnancy and Parenting books (edition must not be older than 5 years)
  • Breast Pumps – remove any used pieces that touched the milk: tubing, valves, etc.
  • Maternity clothing and supports: any season but must be current styles not older than 3 years.

Sports Equipment and Accessories

  • Bats, balls, gloves, rackets, junior golf clubs, skates, pads, helmets, cleats, etc.

These are only some of the items we sell. Feel free to bring other child-related items also!