Preparing and Pricing

Our consignors set their own prices. We suggest 25-30% of the retail price. However, double strollers, outdoor play equipment, new items with tags still on, or “like new” designer brands sometimes sell for closer to 40-50% of the original price.

Keep in mind our shoppers are looking for bargains, so price to sell. Sellers who price reasonably and allow items to be discounted on half-price day generally sell a higher percentage of their items and make more money.

There is no limit on how many total items you can bring to the sale as long as they all meet our quality standards. If you reach the 1000 item limit in your account, email for a larger allowance.

All our items must be priced at $1.00 increments.

Winter clothes sell for more than summer.

Infant sizes, junior, and maternity sell for less (due to quantity of infant clothes, and pickiness of juniors and women!)

Sizes 3T – 10 (sell best): Try this formula from Consignment Queen Steph Seibert’s blog for pricing these sizes:

  • Take the size of the clothes. Sell for that price for sets, half that for separates. That’s a base price.
  • Add a dollar for upscale brand, popular character, very fancy, accessories, new without tags. (Less for PJs, more for coats…). SO:
    • A 4T shirt = $2.   BUT a 4T shirt with Disney or Pixar could go for $3. If halving it means you don’t get an even dollar amt, round up or down based on the item quality, brand, etc.
    • A 4t outfit = $4.  BUT A 4t holiday dress, new without tags, from Gap = $7 (Outfit $4 + $1 fancy + $1 new WO tags + $1 Gap).
  • The important thing is that after applying the formula, look at the item and think objectively, “Would I pay that much or put it back?”

Hanger appeal is important! A super cute image on a Target brand will catch a shopper’s eye before a plain shirt from Gymboree. Branding only takes you so far. If it’s Gap but out-dated or worn out, the brand won’t matter!

On the flip-side, remember these are used items! Don’t try to sell a Walmart shirt for $3 if  they could buy it new for $4.

Keep your memories out of the pricing! Try to look objectively from the shopper’s point of view. If you can’t, you may not really be ready to sell that item.

Toys sell really well, and many consignors save them till last and then don’t have time to tag them! They take up a lot of space in your home, and your kids may break them or lose the pieces if you have them around till the next sale. Price and prep them first!

Some of my largest checks are written to consignors who price mid to low – or allow the items to discount (especially if they started high). They sell most of their items, which = more $$$ and less to pick up!

If you don’t finish before presale, remember you can add items on restock! We also accept new sellers on restock.