Attaching Tags

Tagging Your Items

Once your tags are printed it is time to attach them to your items! Here We Grow Again offers the option to use either a tagging gun or safety pins to secure your tags on items. Tagging guns are a faster and easier way to tag your items. Don’t have a tagging gun and want to try it? Check out our “Grow With Us” Consignor Starter Kit, or buy it alone.

When attaching tags to items make sure the description matches the item.

Click here for a list of FAQs for misc item prep at the Northland sale.

Do not tape over the barcode! Our scanning cannot read through tape.


  • We accept all children’s clothing in sizes preemie up to juniors size 13 and boys size 18/20, as well as maternity.
  • Sleepers and onesies sell best when 2-5 are safety pinned together on one hanger.
  • All clothing must be on wire hangers. Check with your local dry cleaner as many provide them for free! We also have wire hangers available to for 8 cents a piece (infant size are 10 cents, but not required). Just email us if you would like some! Hanging your clothing items before entering/pricing them also helps speed up the process.
  • Pants should be hung from the top bars of the hanger. Use safety pins as close together as possible so pants cannot slide down to the bottom of the hanger. Try placing a “flag” of tape on the hanger to pin through. This will help secure the pant or skirt so that it won’t slide. While the tape isn’t required, presentation is important, and this can make a big difference! (masking tape, electric or duct tape in fun colors work well)
  • Please safety pin all items of a set together so that they can be viewed without unpinning them. Items should hang behind one another, not inside one another.
  • Attach tags in the seam under the left arm (right as you look at garment) or in the waistband. This helps prevent putting a hole in the item! This means in the space between stitches where the 2 fabric pieces are joined, not just near the armpit. If there is a belt loop, attach it there. If the fabric is too delicate, or a material that shouldn’t be punctured (like leather), you can attach it to the brand or size tag in the neck/waistline. It is more important that you don’t damage the item.
  • All clothing should be hung. If you have a new package of something like onesies or sleepers, try to zip-tie the package to a hanger.
  • The hanger hook should face the left (like a question mark)


  • Please only bring your like-new shoes.
  • Thread a ribbon or a cable tie through the shoes to secure them together with the tag tied with them. Only if shoes do not have a way to attach together may they may be placed inside a Ziploc bag. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag (remember, do not tape over barcode). Tape the bag shut.


  • If possible, please package bedding sets together in a clear plastic bag. If you are able to hang all pieces together and zip-tie the hangers together, even better!
  • When pricing bedding as a set, please print multiple tags for each item stating item 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.
  • Feel free to attach a list or picture which describes all the pieces included in the set.
  • Bedding that can be opened and looked at will sell better. Please refrain from taping bags shut.
  • Items that aren’t part of a set should be hung.

Loose Items, other

  • For groups of smaller items like baby bottles, rattles, socks, etc, please group them together appropriately in Ziploc bags with tag taped to the outside.
  • Small fabric items like bibs, burp cloths, receiving blankets: Please do not put these in bags. A large safety pin (you can tape over it to prevent it being opened) or using your tagging gun through all pieces at once are ways to attach sets. It is difficult to inspect items in bags. Receiving blankets and towels can also be hung.
  • Books: use scotch tape, masking tape or painter’s tape instead of packing tape so there is less chance of ripping. Sets can be placed in ziplocs or tied together with ribbon.
    • Parenting/pregnancy books and other guides: must be current! Philosophies change frequently, so copyright date must be within 5 years.
  • Don’t seal packages we need to inspect @ check-in (media in cases, boxes that aren’t see-through…) Packing tape will be available to seal these bags/boxes after they have been checked. HoweverIf we can see what’s in it (ie a Ziploc or other clear package), it should arrive already secured WELL. Kids will try to open packages – make sure they can’t!
  • Zip tie the straps of things like diaper bags to the hanger.

Toys, Games, Equipment

  • Must be clean and in working order with batteries in them. We must be able to turn them on.
  • Attach small parts to the toy/equipment in Ziploc bags. Bags can be taped or zip-tied to biggest piece. Be sure to tape the entire opening shut to prevent little kids from trying to open them. Cheapo bags are not your friend if it is particularly desirable, as they can tear.
  • Check game and puzzles to make sure all pieces are included. For larger puzzles, if you assembled the puzzle to make sure it had all pieces, try putting a picture of the completed puzzle on the box. It re-assures customers that all pieces are there. (picture not required)
  • Puzzles, books, videos and small toys that are not in boxes should be put in Ziploc bags.
  • Wood puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear Saran wrap with the tag taped to the outside with clear packing tape, to keep the pieces intact.
  • Items in boxes which are not see-through (like games and puzzles) should be sealed after check-in inspection. We will have packing tape to seal bags or boxes. Anything we can visually check without opening (clear bags/bins) should arrive securely sealed.
  • Feel free to attach information on the function and highlights of toys and equipment. Some consignors print the toy and equipment descriptions from the internet to attach. (optional)

Car Seats

  • Check your car seat expiration date (5 years) before bringing it to the sale (usually found on the bottom of the car seat). It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. If you are bringing a car seat, you will be asked to fill out a Car Seat Waiver when you drop off your items. The recall website for carseats is not the same as for the rest of your items. Click here to check.


  • Furniture sells well! Don’t forget those toddler beds, kids’ dressers, high chairs, changing tables, swings, kitchen sets, kid tables and chair sets and Little Tikes equipment. Make sure to secure the tag to an easy-to-read location. These also need to be VERY clean! Most fabric parts (like high chair and stroller covers) can be removed and thrown in the washer.
  • Cribs have returned! However, they must have been manufactured no earlier than Nov, 2011 or have a label from the manufacturer stating they were meeting the new safety standards ahead of time. CHECK FOR RECALLS BEFORE BRINGING SOMETHING THIS BIG!
  • Items like pack and plays and cribs should be assembled for display.
  • Important: Place masking tape with your consignor number, the item number and price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item and on items that contain more than one piece. This will eliminate confusion if a tag is accidentally removed or pieces get separated.

If you have any questions about the pricing or tagging process, just let me know!

Recalled Items

We do our best to ensure that no recalled items make it onto the sales floor, but we need your help! Please check your items for recalls before you tag them. Visit to search for your items. They have an option to search by key word or category. I find category key words easiest to work with (you know that if you look under strollers and yours isn’t there that you are ok…) for most big ticket items, but brand name is good for toys (think manufacturer though – for example, Hasbro makes Playskool and Tonka). You can also sign up to have recall updates emailed to you at The manufacturer’s website will also list recalls.