Drop-Off and Pick-Up

After registering as a consignor, you will be able to select a “Check In” time to drop off your items. It is best to select a time as soon as possible, as these times fill up quickly.

When you arrive, here is what to expect:

  • You will sign a Consignor Agreement and verify your contact information and email address. If you are bringing a car seat or crib, you will also need to complete a Car Seat Waiver and/or a Crib Checklist. Please print and complete these documents prior to arriving at Drop Off.
  • A volunteer will check over your items for quality standards…stains, excessive wear, holes, strong odors, lots of pet hair, cleanliness, in working order, etc. Please don’t be offended if we refuse an item–it happens to all of us! As your items pass inspection, you will put them out on the sales floor.
  • Please allow at least 30-45 minutes for drop-off.

Before you drop off, please double-check the following:

  • All clothing items are on wire hangers.
  • All items are hung with hook facing left.
  • All tags are printed on white cardstock paper.
  • All items have tags with barcodes.
  • Sort clothing items by gender and size for faster drop off.
  • Small pieces of games, toys or puzzles are securely packaged in a plastic bag (sandwich bags work great), taped shut across entire opening, and tag is securely taped to the item. Do not tape over barcodes!
  • Toys should be in working order with batteries in them.
  • Bringing a car seat?  Make sure to print and bring your Car Seat Waiver.
  • Remember, clean, fresh-smelling and pressed clothing items always sell better!

Check In Times

Consignors must select a Check In/Drop Off appointment during a one of the designated drop-off time periods. Log into your HWGA account and select “Check In” from the bar at the top of the page.  If there are no times that work in your schedule online, please email or call me! I try to spread out the shifts so there are no gluts, but I’m sure I can work you in! Sellers with 500 or more items must email to arrange your check in time.

Note to consignors–our sale will “lock” prior to opening to the public. Items can NOT be entered or edited after that time. You will still be able to print tags. Consignors, please check the website, pay attention to emails and Facebook updates as we approach the sale as you will be given information on when the sale will “lock.”

Other Drop Off options:

  • Drop Off Valet service: If you can’t/don’t want to stay to help put out your items or have to ask a friend or spouse to drop off for you, you can pay a small fee to have us do it for you. It’s $5 for every 100 items (300 item limit). You must email to select this service. Valet drop offs must arrive by 1pm Fri April 5th, and be reserved at least 24hrs in advance.
  • “Get it out of my house now!” Starting March 19th,  if you want to get your items out of the way we can store it and put it out on the sales floor for you during check in dates. $10 storage fee applies, as well as the Valet fee (unless you plan to return to put the items out yourself).

Pick Up Tips to Remember:

  • When you arrive at Pick Up, your items will be sorted and ready for quick pick up. No need to sort unsold items, we have already done it for you!
  • We will have bags available for your items, but we recommend bringing back your totes, etc. to load them.
  • Check the lost and found as some items may have lost tags.
  • Plan on 20-30 minutes for Pick Up as you will need to sign and check out.
  • Items not claimed by the end of Pick Up time will be donated.

Pick Up Times

No appointment is necessary to Pick Up items. Check the dates page for pick up times.