Lawrence, KS

New This Sale


The Lawrence Spring sale is just around the corner! Here are some exciting additions and a few changes happening for our upcoming sale!

  •  Same Great location!

Steve’s Place
1388 N. 1293 Road
, Lawrence
31st and Lousiana

See our Map and Directions page for more details.

  • Great shopping hours! Our Fall sale runs 9 a.m. to 7 p.m each day of the sale–Wednesday through Saturday. Make sure to shop our discount days when most items will be discounted–Friday will be 25% off day and Saturday will be 50% off day! See our Sale Dates and Times.
  • Cribs. Due to the current laws regarding the resale of cribs, the cribs must be manufactured no earlier than June 28, 2011, or have the manufacturer’s sticker stating that the crib was meeting the new standards prior to the required start date. Retro-fitted cribs that had previously been on recall will not be accepted.
  • We ARE accepting maternity items. These must be true maternity clothes and in current styles.
  • Limited clothing and shoe sizes accepted at the sale — Clothing items sold at the sale will now include boy and girl newborns up to size 16 (no larger boys sizes or girl junior sizes accepted). Shoe sizes will now also be limited to newborn through big boy & girl size 4.
  • Convienent Drop Off times. In order to accommodate all our consignors, we have two different days to drop off items, check out the Drop Off/Check In options. Consignors now have two days to drop off their items at the sale location. Please reserve your check in time now!
  • Convenient Pick Up. HWGA Lawrence sorts your items for you. When you arrive your items will be organized and presented to you. Consignors now have more time to Pick Up their unsold items following the sale!   See our Drop Off and Pick Up page for more details.

Spring/Summer clothes only. A reminder that we will accept only Spring/Summer items at our sale. That means bring the swimwear, swim toys, shorts, capris or sleeveless items. But let’s leave the long sleeve shirt, and heavy material items at home.

  • Wire Hangers Only! All clothes MUST be hung on wire hangers with the hook facing the left. This ensures that hangers don’t break and we can fit more items on our racks. For tips on how to hang your items check out the tips at “entering items and pricing”. We sell wire hangers for .08 a piece, just email us to get yours!
  • Continue to spread the word to military and teachers. If you or your spouse are in the military and/or you are a teacher, we invite you to shop our sale early! Just bring your ID and shop our PreSale on Tuesday. Then on Friday come back and shop 50% off items early at our 50% Off Presale, (for more information on sale times, see our Sales Dates and Times page). We appreciate everything you do!
  • New Mom’s!!! New mom’s also get to shop early. Spread the word that this is the place to shop for all of their baby needs and they get to shop before the general public.