Selling your items with Here We Grow Again is a fun and easy way to recycle your gently-used and new children’s clothing, toys and equipment and MAKE MONEY! Gather, pick the price, tag and drop off your items then let us do the rest! We make every effort to sell your items during our sale.

Ready , Set, Grow!

You have several options when consigning with Here We Grow Again!

Earn 70% of the selling price minus a $12 consignor fee.


Earn 70% of the selling price and get your $12 consignor fee waived when you refer two friends.


Earn 40-50% of the selling price minus a $12 consignor fee. Check out our Express Tagging Service!

By consigning, you will get to shop for bargains before the public at our special Consignor PreSales!

Click here to register and get started!

Want to consign, but no time?

Our Express Tagging Service Can Help!

Are you too busy to sort, hang and tag your items? Don’t let that keep you from making money on your outgrown items. Just drop off your items with us and we do the rest. Sit back and wait for your check to arrive in the mail!

Express Tagging Service

Supply Pick-up / Starter Kit

To make it easier for our consignors, we have compiled a “Grow With Us” Consignor Starter Kit that contains items you will need to start tagging and making money!

It includes:

  • A tagging gun and 200 fasteners (more fasteners available). No need to mess with safety pins any more. We are offering our consignors the option to use a tagging gun to secure your tags on items. It is a faster and easier way to tag your items!
  • 50 wire hangers
  • 144 Assorted safety pins
  • Cardstock paper-enough to print 100 tags (8 tags to a page)
  • Ziploc bags-assorted sizes
  • Ribbon/Zipties-to secure shoes and other items together
  • Printouts of quick tips, full instructions, pricing guides, and more
  • A box to keep it all together!

Your cost is only $25!

Email us and we will arrange for you to pick up our “Grow With Us” Consignor Kit or we will mail it to you (shipping charge is additional charge). Or, stop by one of our Tagging Parties where we have consignor kits/supplies available for purchase.


  • STARTER KIT: $25
  • TAGGING GUN W/ 200 FASTENERS: $15 (more fasteners available – just ask)
  • HANGERS:  $2 a bundle of 25
  • SAFETY PINS: $4 for a pack of 144 safety pins

Extra tagging gun fasteners are free.  There is more than one style of gun. Please know if you have a blue gun (fine tip) or grey gun (regular tip) to make sure you get the right kind of fastener.



Drop-off / Pick-up

After registering as a consignor, you will be able to select a “Check In” time to drop off items. It is best to select a time as soon as possible, as shifts fill up quickly.

When you Drop Off, here is what to expect:

  • You will sign a Consignor Agreement and verify your contact information and email address.
  • A volunteer will check over your items for quality standards…stains, excessive wear, holes, cleanliness, in working order, etc. Please don’t be offended if we refuse an item. Once your items have been inspected, you will assist us in placing them out on the sales floor.
  • Please allow 30-45 minutes for drop-off.

When you Pick Up, your unsold items will be sorted and ready for you.

More about drop-off and pick-up

Giving Back / Our Charity Partner

We are proud that our sale benefits families right here in our community.

This Spring 2019 we are partnering with Mission Adelante located in Kansas City, KS.  Please visit there website for information on the work they do in the community.  Your donations will be a true blessing to these families right here in our community.

You will receive a tax donation form if you choose to donate your unsold items. At the conclusion of our sale, all items marked donate and those not picked up following the sale will be donated.