Has the sale started and you still have items to sell?

Be a Restocking Consignor!

Not able to get your items priced and tagged before we locked the sale? Did you find a few more treasures in the garage after you dropped off? You can still sell them! We are now adding new items DURING the sale! Restocking consignors have the opportunity to make money by consigning large items, as well as high demand items, and helping us replenish our inventory. Large items such as furniture, strollers, and large toys are in high demand and usually sell quickly.

How to be a Restocking Consignor.
  • Register with our sale here. If you are already a registered consignor, you will need to register as a restocker and then begin entering in your restocking inventory once the restocking window opens.
  • We will not accept books, clothing accessories, stuffed animals or bedding from Restocking Consignors. The clothing that we will accept for restocking is limited (see below). We only accept items that are very quick sellers. Please see the list below for accepted restocking items. 
  • If you are consigning for the first time, please refer to the Consign pages for all of the steps on how to participate as a consignor. Please note there are additional rules for Restocking consignors listed on this page.
  • The consignor fee for Restocking consignors is only $6. If you are an existing consignor for this sale, there will not be an additional fee.
  • Price your items appropriately and you can expect your items to sell as well as those checked in before the sale starts.
  • Restocking consignors are invited to shop the 1/2 price Pre-Sale.
Important Dates and Times:

Thursday, Sept. 20 @ 10amSystem open for creating, printing and tagging your restocking items.

Please choose a “Check in” time for bringing in your restocking items.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 @ 7pm . System is locked. You may no longer add Restocking items.

Wednesday, Oct. 3  from 8-9:00pm. Drop off restocking items (plan to stay while your items are checked in and you place all items except clothing on the sales floor).

This is the only drop off time available for restocking.

Sunday, Oct. 6  from 4-6pm. Pick up unsold items or consider donating them to our charity (all items not picked up at this time will automatically be donated).


  • Coats and Costumes- All infant/children sizes (no other clothing will be accepted at the Fall sale)
  • Children’s furniture
  • Cribs manufactured after 6/2011
  • Strollers
  • Car seats (must have at least one year left before it expires)
  • Pack-and-plays; bassinets
  • Swings
  • Bouncers
  • High chairs
  • Bumbo seats (with safety belt attached)
  • Exersaucers and jumpers
  • Large toys and ride-on toys
  • Outdoor toys
  • Super Awesome Toys
  • Shoes in excellent condition, maximum of 10 pairs in infant sizes up to big kid size 4