Consignor Tips

Ready to sell your items?

Here are tips to get you started!


  • Supplies you will need include cardstock paper, safety pins, and Ziploc bags (assorted sizes). Ready to get started but don’t have supplies? Check out our “Grow With Us” Consignor Starter Kit. It includes all the items you need to get you started tagging and making money!
  • Not sure how to price your items? Here We Grow Again has created a Pricing Guide to give you some ideas!
  • Important: Place masking tape with your consignor number, the item number and price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item and on items that contain more than one piece. This will eliminate confusion if a tag is accidentally removed or pieces get separated.
  • Make sure all furniture, equipment and toys are clean and in working order (a little soap and water goes a long way).
  • Puzzles are easily packaged by wrapping in Saran Wrap and then sealing with packing tape on the back. (This keeps all the pieces together!)
  • Make sure batteries are included (the dollar stores sell packages of batteries for $1). Shoppers want to make sure the items they are purchasing are in working order.
  • Ziploc bags are perfect for accessories, toys, and groups of books. Remember to tape (packing tape works best) them shut with the tag on the outside.
  • Use packing tape to secure all parts to toys and tags to non-clothing items.
  • Use only white cardstock paper.
  • Make sure you do not tape over the barcode.
  • Remember, it is in your best interest to use cardstock paper and print tags with barcodes that are clean and crisp. If our scanners cannot read your barcode and an item has to be manually entered, there is a greater chance the item will not get rung up properly.
  • If you are running out of time then label the things that will bring the most money first. Consider discounting your items to increase the chances of selling the items!
  • We have many shoppers who come during the discount day(s) looking for further discounts. Price as many of your items as possible at a discount to maximize your sales!
  • It is very important to make all your items secure. Make sure that bags and boxes are taped shut, and that items with many parts are taped together well. Toys will get handled by our smallest shoppers!
  • Remember, the better things look, the better they sell!
  • For more information on preparing your sale items, visit our Pricing and Tagging pages.
  • Please note that Here We Grow Again is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • We accept cash, debit cards, MasterCard, Visa and Discover!