Grow Your Business

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If you have a family or child-related product, service or business, being a part of the Indy South Here We Grow Again sale can help bring more customers to YOU!

Poster at the Sale–$25

Want to promote your business to all of our consignors, volunteers and shoppers every minute of our sale? Provide a poster to hang on the wall of the sale venue! Displaying a poster at the sale will gain your company exposure as it will be noticed by thousands of area shoppers. Cost for displaying a poster (up to a 12″x18″ size) is $25. Be aware there is a deadline prior to the sale to deliver your poster. Email us to reserve a space for your company’s poster!

Flyer Distribution–$25

Shoppers, shopper, shoppers — we have thousands of them! Provide 250 items and we will make sure your items reach our shoppers. Cost for adding your item (giveaways, flyers, coupons, etc.) to this table is $25. There is a deadline to deliver your items to us to ensure inclusion in the sale. Email us to reserve a space in our flyer distribution option!

Website Ads – $50

Here We Grow Again’s website receives thousands of visits during the weeks leading up to each sale. You can promote your business to our visitors (consignors, shoppers and others) for six months by providing your logo and link to your website on our Mom’s Minute page.

In August 2015, our site had about 27,514 visits from 13,171 unique visitors. These moms, dads and others visited our different pages 799,846 times! Adding your logo and website link to our site is a great way to share your business with some of these visitors!

Website ads will be linked to Here We Grow Again’s site for 6 months from the time your payment is received. You simply provide us with a graphic of your business and the site you want the user to go to when they click on your ad! Email us to find out more!

Growing Together-Free!

If you have a business that caters to women and families, this is a great opportunity to grow your business…for free! We will supply you with sale flyers to distribute to your customers. In exchange, you can participate in our Flyer Distribution for free! Email us if you are interested in Growing Together.

Feel free to share information on our promotional opportunities to any business owner you think may be interested in reaching our shopping moms, grandmas, aunts, friends and children. We would love to spread the word for their products and services too!

Vendor Space

Booth space is an amazing opportunity for you to display your products and/or services to our thousands of shoppers.  Part time and full time options are available and includes the Flyer distribution option for free!  This is a VERY popular option and due to limited space, you will need to email us at for pricing and availability.