Indy South

Entering Items and Printing

Entering Items

Here We Grow Again uses a point of sale system that allows you to enter your items on the computer. Each item’s tag will print out with a barcode–an efficient way to sell your items and also allow you the ability to check your sales online each evening!

Remember, first create an account by registering as a consignor. You will be asked for your name, address and email, then you will choose a password and be assigned a Consignor ID number (write these down!).

Now it’s time to enter those items into the computer! Keep in mind that sorting your items by gender and size before you sit down to enter them online will save you time. The system remembers all previous information entered except price, so by having them sorted you can take advantage of the pre-filled fields and re-enter only price and description fields…thus making your tag time even more efficient!

Go to:

  • Enter Tags
  • Select Sale – HWGA/IndySouth/Spring2014
  • Price – Select the item’s price (use the pull-down menu)
  • Discount – Select Yes if you would like your item to be sold at 50% Saturday.
  • Donate – Select Yes if you would like to donate this item if it does not sell. Items marked “donate” will automatically sell at a discount before being donated.
  • Size – Choose the size from the pull-down menu. Select the “blank” choice for toys and non-sized items.
  • Description – Type your description. Try not to use too many capital letters as it may take up more space than allowed.
  • Category – Choose your item’s category. (Category will not appear on final printed tag–it is used for our internal purposes only.)
  • Click on “Add Item” or click “Enter” and the system adds your item to the bottom of the screen and automatically saves it.

Please note: If the system remains idle for 15-20 minutes, it will time out. Don’t worry! Your items are still in the database and can be accessed via the Manage Inventory Screen.

Tagging tips:

  • There are two description fields on each tag. Type the Name Brand in the first field and then the type of item in the second field. For example: “Gymboree” in first field, “2-piece skirt/top” in second field.
  • Do not use all caps when entering descriptions on tags as this may cause you to overrun the tag borders and you will have to edit and reprint tags.
  • If you make an error or need to correct an item, you can either click “Edit Item” or go to the Manage Inventory Tab.
  • If you remove an item from your account, the system will delete this item permanently and you will have a break in your numbered items. If you want to keep track of exactly how many items you are selling, you may choose to just “Edit” this item instead.

Printing Your Tags

Once you have entered and priced your items, it’s time to print your tags!

  • Make sure your tags are printed on white cardstock paper. Regular copy paper will not hold up against our crowd of shoppers!
  • When printed and cut, your tags should be approximately 2 1/2 inches wide x
    4 inches high.
  • Your printer must use normal toner (no dot matrix printers)
  • Adjust your printing format to Landscape/Horizontal as tags will print that direction.
  • Incorrect direction and size of printed tags

    Correct direction and size of printed tags

    Use Normal or Draft print setting. Best quality is too dark and causes barcodes to bleed. Test print one page of tags to make sure the barcodes are crisp and clear. You should be able to see white lines between the barcode. If lines bleed together, then reprint using a lower quality print.

  • If you have a color printer, make sure you select “Black cartridge only” from the printing properties screen. Otherwise the tags can appear purple and blurry.
  • Select the items you want to print. Just click in the box next to the item or click on the “Check All” box. You may choose to conserve paper and print in increments of 8 as we have 8 tags to a page.
  • When you are ready to print, just go to the Print Tags tab and follow the instructions.

Remember, use cardstock paper and print tags with barcodes that are clean and crisp. If our scanners cannot read your barcode and an item has to be manually entered, there is a greater chance the item will not get rung up properly.

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