It’s Easy to Price and Tag!

At a Here We Grow Again Kids Consignment Sale you pick the price!  Consignors decide on the price, attach a price tag and then drop off items at the sale. Then we do the rest and mail you a check. It’s that easy!

We use an online system so you can enter your items and print price tags right at home. After you enter the item’s description and price, the system generates a barcoded price tag.  The tags will include your unique consignor number, donation and discount decisions and the price of the item.  All items must have a price tag in order to be sold at a sale.

A good rule of thumb, is to allocate an hour for every 75 items you have.  Our online system also tracks your inventory, tells how many items sold each day of the sale and shows you how much you have made!

Before you get started pricing and tagging your items, you will need a few supplies. Here are those we recommend:

Cardstock (required)
Wire Hangers (required)
Safety Pins
Ziplock Bags
Packing Tape
Cleaning Supplies


tagartPrice tags must be printed on white cardstock paper. Cardstock holds up better than regular paper! Cardstock can be found at all office supply stores and others such as Target and Wal-Mart.  You can also check with your event owner as they will often sell a starter kit or host tagging parties where supplies are provided.

Clothes must be hung on a WIRE HANGER. The items should be hung in the shape of a question mark.  Tagging Guns are a great tool if you have lots of clothes (save you from all those safety pins!) and can be purchased from your local sale owner.

Each sale has a rigorous inspection process where items with stains, holes and tears are pulled from the floor.  Make sure you are only sending your highest quality items to the sale.   Also check with each sale’s website to learn about seasonality exclusions and size limitations.

Make sure to watch all our “How To” Videos  to see more information on pricing and tagging clothes, toys, games and more!