Fundraising with HWGA

Here We Grow Again Kids Consignment Sales are focused on our communities and provide an opportunity for your organization to raise funds to meet your fundraising goals. No direct selling, no money collecting, and no stress!

Whether your organization is big or small, we can help your group restock the treasury. Examples of organizations that have found working with us beneficial are boy scouts/girl scouts, dance/gymnastics studios, sports teams, schools, child care centers, and other kid-related programs, organizations or charities.

We offer two ways for your organization to make money!

Your organization sells items at the sale!

Members of your group and friends donate their quality gently-used and new children’s items and your group signs up as a consignor. Your organization collects, organizes, tags and drops off the items with Here We Grow Again Kids Consignment Sale. Fundraising groups receive 75% of sales–5% more than other consignors!

Consignors choose to be fundraising partners!

Each participating member of your group registers as a consignor and lists your organization as his/her referral source. The individual consignor organizes, prices and tags his/her items and brings them to the sale. Prior to the sale, each member provides their local sale owner with what percentage they want to be given to your organization. After the sale, we calculate the amounts for you and mail checks to the individual consignor and your organization (the organization’s check will accompany a description of how much each consignor donated). This option allows both the organization and the individual to make money!


Contact your area sale owner to discuss fundraising with Here We Grow Again!