Five Baby Items to Buy Used and Save Big Bucks!

Are you a first-time mom?  Are you wondering how much items for your new baby will cost?  A cool tool to calculate the cost of a new baby can be found on  If you click all of the items they suggest as “one-time” first year cost, you will spend a whopping $4,109 on your bundle of you!

Are you freaking out yet?  As an experienced mom, I was able to manage the cost down to $3,304 by not purchasing absolutely everything on their list.  Another easy way to manage the cost of your new baby, is to contemplate purchasing some of the more costly items second-hand.  Consider purchasing these five items gently-used instead of new to save big:

  • Pack and Play

    The average cost of a pack and play is $100. Now, think about how many times you are going to go to grandmas and actually use it.  If you only use it five times, that is $20 per use.  Excellent used condition pack and plays can be found for $20 – $40 depending on make and model.  Put that moola to better use!

  • Clothes

    Clothes are not actually included in the above one time cost calculator. Surprise!  This is just one of many unbudgeted surprises people often encounter in babies first year.  Expect your baby to go through at least three sizes of clothes during his/her first year.  Per size you will need approximately 10 sets of clothes and five pjs at an average cost of $15.  Go ahead, add $675 to your budget!  Local consignment events are great options for used clothes, there you can find a high volume of excellent condition items at 10 – 30% of the original retail price.  Take that green and buy the new stuff for yourself!

  • Swing

    The swing is amazing but babies outgrow it fast and cost approximately $100! Swings are great for when mom needs her hands free, but they are big and bulky and NOT the latest decorator item when your baby outgrows it in three months.  Gently-used swings are readily available for $20 – $40.  Savings like this will have you sleeping better.

  • Bumbo Seat

    The Bumbo seat is practically indestructible and only used for three to four months. Basic Bumbo seats are widely available for $40 but can be frequently found at consignment events for $10.   Now that’s easy money!

  • The Crib

    The average cost of a crib is $230 and they can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon your taste. Newer cribs are built to have a useful life in excess of ten years so why by new when you are only using 20% of its life.  You can expect to find cribs in excellent used condition for $40 – $80 depending upon the make and model.  Cha-Ching!


Here We Grow Again Kids Consignment Sales are great places to find high-quality second-hand kids’ gear and clothes!  The next Houston event is February 25–27. Check our website for more details and other sale locations.